By accepting the wellness lifestyle, we want to strengthen our body and our cardiovascular system, and to move flexibly and stay slim. The benefits that are gained from increased flexibility and vitality of the body are the basis for healthy and long life, but also to achieve balance of mind and body, which leads to satisfaction in the field of personal and professional life.


Flexability is abilityof the body to perform the full range of movement, without excessive and unnecessary muscle tension. Many people are missing, apparently, the simple capacity to make full radius of movement, mostly because their bodies are placed in unnatural positions, like sitting for a long time or long drives. The lack or inability of motion generally leads to the fact that many people suffer from back pain, and these symptoms are present in 35% of the population. Well-balanced and regular stretching is the most important activity to avoid the back pain or problems with joints.


Flexabilityline is completely new and innovative concept of Technogym equipment, designed with the aim to make stretching simple, easy and safe.


The equipment from this line provide appropriate exercises for stretching, safe and easy to use, the initial measurement (testing) and the continuous increase monitoring of range of motion for a given joint or joint system, measuring and controlling the amplitude of movement and time control of traction duration.