Walking, jogging, cycling, climbing stairs or running in place belong to the basic forms of cyclical activities.


Cardio machines are designed precisely in order to allow us this kind of work. They are used for developing aerobic endurance fitness (it is possible to use them for anaerobic work), which enables a positive impact on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, body composition (fat loss and toning).


The equipment in the SkyWellnesscardio area have the following functions:


  • programme based on heart rate, CPR (Constant Pulse Rate), a software that monitors your heart rate from the beginning to the end of each workout.
  • The electronic monitoring that shows the training progress based on time, distance and calories burned
  • Elektronsko praćenje broja obrtaja pedala, sile, brzine kretanja, pređenog puta, utrošenih kalorija, vremena, nagiba;
  • Fitness tests to assess your performance;
  • Warm up and cooling down options;
  • Built-IN Visioweb platform- the possibility of using the Internet, TV, radio, fan, USB and iPod;
  • Simplified access to the touch screen controls;
  • Designed so that you do not feel the pressure on your joints (sophisticated basis for exercise, pedals, ergonomic seats)
  • Save energy, which contributes to the ecology;
  • Quieter by 30%.