The fitness landscape is radically changing before our eyes. If fitness was once considered as a simple means to stay fit, lose weight and gain some muscles, nowadays this is clearly no longer the case. New technologies are sprawling, old-fashioned training techniques are getting revamped or updated with a completely different spin, and target audiences who once would not even dare say the word “fitness” have now become strong advocates for change.

The top three trends that we have witnessed in 2018 are:

  • Wearables and Fitness Technology
  • Group Training Classes
  • High Intensity Interval Training

We are proud to present NEW training formats that include the future of fitness!

SkyWellness has again expanded the range of services for its users. After introducing MyWellnessCloud platform, a free fitness application for all users, SkillMill, SkillRow equipment, now offers formats that perfectly integrate technology and fitness. Formats were created from the need to find the best solutions for different users without restrictions.


Choose and enjoy your format!

  • BASIC   1 month      7.250 rsd

BASIC je članska karta koja obuhvata svakodnevno korišćenje kluba bez vremenskog ograničenja, radnim danima od 06:30 do 21:00h, subotom od 09:00h do 21:00h i nedeljom 09:00h do 17:00h. Korisniku ove karte je na raspolaganju kardio program, sprave za pojedinačne grupe mišića (Selection & Pure Strength linija), Kinesis, zona za rastezanje (Flexability). Ova članarina podrazumeva korišćenje I suve finske saune bez prethodne najave.

– Opciono:
– Klupski peškiri – 1.950 rsd
– Grupni programi – 1.200 rsd
– Formati – 1.200 rsd

* Note: The price is expressed in EUR, but will be charged upon sales exchange rate of the Banca Intesa.

  • MULTI GROUP  ALL INCLUSIVE   1 month      4.850 rsd

MULTI GROUP ALL INCLUSIVE is a membership card that includes unlimited admission to training classes in the course of one month. Check our timetable of group traininig classes on site (yoga, pilates, fit box, total body workout+, intensity, Core, HOP, Wellness Indoor Cycling). This fee includes the use of dry Finnish sauna an hour before or after the group program. The use of club towels are subject to extra charge.

* Note: The price is expressed in EUR, but will be charged upon sales exchange rate of the Banca Intesa.


Personal training “1 on 1” is the right choice if you want good results, if you have special wishes, if you want to be motivated and directed while you practice! That type of training gives the best effects and allows you to get the desired results very quickly. Our expert team of trainers is there to help you – choose the coach and let him take you to the goal!

Personal training can be paid with dues and use them as an additional service, you can also visit the club in all desired terms.



Personal training “2 on 1” is your ideal choice if you want to exercise, in friendly enviroment, with training partner, and at the same time to achieve the great results. Our team of fitness professionals is there for you and your training partner to design efficient and fun training. Personal training is an additional service and subject of additional charges, can be sceduled within membership preferences. This membership includes the use of the club towels and dry Finnish sauna.

If you want to use only duo personal training sessions, you can also check membership SKY DUO 12.



Stretching exercises are an important and indispensable part of every workout. Stretching exercises improve the body’s ability for any activity, develop mobility of joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles, thus reducing the risk of injury, improves circulation in the muscles and thus shorten the time needed for recovery after the training. In addition of being good for the muscles, stretching is an effective tool for mental and physical relaxation.

1 X Stretching: – 12e

12 X Stretching- 120e

Scedule you training session whenever it suits you! This membership includes 12 personal trainings and the use of the club towels and dry Finnish sauna, within 5 weeks.

Price: 240eur

Sky 12 duo: od 400e.



Relaxation massage of the entire body that provides superior balance of spirit, body and mind. It is acombination of different techniques, ensuring complete relaxation and enjoyment.

Duration: 50 minutes / 30 minutes partial

Price: 25e / 20e partial

Discounts for club members

Recommended for very active persons. It will improve body performance, i n addition to any sports and fitness trainings. This type of treatment might prevent injuries of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints and is considered an essential part of recovery.

Duration: 50 minutes / 30 minutes partial

Price: 30e / 25e partial

Discounts for club members

A treatment that deprives the body of inflammatory and painful conditions due to chronic health problems (backaches, headaches …)

Duration: 50 minutes / 30 minutes partial

Price: 27e / 22e partial

Discounts for club members

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that stimulates the lymphatic circulation through the body. It is important as part of the cellulite treatment or slimming process. Perfect help for the body to fight with harmful substances!

Duration: 60 minutes / 30 minutes partial

Price: 27e / 22e partial

Discounts for club members

This is an effective way to fight against the “orange peel” which empties the deposits of fat, relaxes tissue, stimulates circulation and shapes the body. Depending on individual needs, the cellulite treatment involves more continuous treatment (recommendation 10 treatments).

PACK of 10 treatmants 45 min. + 2 packages. – 220e
PACK of 10 treatmants 30min + 2 packages. – 180e

* Discounts for club members

Anti-stress treatment is a combination of relaxation and therapeutic techics, and the therapist applies specially produced herbal oils, which makes this massage an aroma therapy as well. It stimulates the central nervous system, which has a positive effect on the mental processes, i.e. it relieves the nervous system tension caused by stress. Although the massage includes the whole body, the accent is on the head, face, palms and feet massage, which differentiates it from the classic relax massage.

Duration: 75 minutes

Price: 28e

* Discounts for club members

Fifty minutes of pure pleasure – Five Elements for her, Energizing Champa for him, Meditation for him and her. Select one of the three candles made of butter that nourishes your skin and relax with a inspirational fragrance and gentle heat massage

Running time: 50 minutes

Price: 30e

* Discounts for club members

Maderotherapy is a holistic anti-cellulite massage, originating from Colombia.
It is based on the use of anatomically made wood elements of different shapes and sizes. Wooden elements are specially designed to influence certain parts of the body, affected by cellulite and localized fatty deposits.
It falls into holistic techniques because it successfully stimulates and balances energy, reduces stress and relieves muscle pain. It works deeply by removing fat cells and eliminating toxins, activating the blood and lymphatic system, improving the firmness and tone of the skin, and accelerating metabolism.

In order to use 100% natural materials, it belongs to absolutely safe techniques because no allergic reactions are possible.

It is recommended that a cycle of 10 treatments be performed for full results on the skin.



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