The fastest cycling experience premiered in SkyWellness

You think you’re fast enough?

Soon you’ll be in SkyWellness to test your limits!


For the first time in Belgrade, premiered in SkyWellness!

The new Les Mills high intensity interval training – Les Mills SPRINT arrived in Serbia, Belgrade, and among the first in the world, you’ll be able to try it on 26 and 27 March. This will be an opening of a promotional WEEK OF GROUP TRAINING PACKAGES and new Les Mills releases in SkyWellness.

Short training, fast results!

Les Mills SPRINT is a high intensity interval training on a stationary bike created to meet the needs of young and modern people – it only lasts 30 minutes and gives fast results. It is a combination of high and intense intervals that push one toward the limits and short intervals of rest for picking up the strength for a new intensive interval. This type of training is currently among the most popular fitness trends in the world.

Who can train this HIIT training?

Sprint is for everyone. Although HIIT trainings, in general, require a certain level of physical condition, SPRINT, is simple and safe and there is no additional impact on the joints. This means that no matter of what level of fitness you are, Les Mills SPRINT could be the right choice… especially,if you love short, dynamic and challenging workouts.

How SPRINT is different?

Sprint is HIIT training on a bicycle. If this is associated with Wellness Indoor Cycling, it is important to know what is the difference. WIC creates the feeling and experience of traveling through the various landscapes, while SPRINT is solely focusing on intense intervals during which you give your maximum.

The Les Mills vividly described it as a training where ‘you reach your maximum speed 15x, and you are done’.

What are the benefits of SPRINT?

The most positive effect of SPRINT is the fact that you massively burn calories for hours after 30 minute training. You will achieve firm and shaped muscles and strong heart. Interestingly, this training will also build your strong mental endurance. Because of semi-personal style of the training, the instructor will always help you to give more than you thought you ever could, in every workout.

How and when can you try SPRINT?

Everybody above 16 can try SPRINT, regardless of whether you are our member or someone who just wants to try this new experience. The premiere will start the OPEN WEEK in SkyWellness, from 26 to April 1. You can make registration/booking online for the session you like, effective from 21 March.

If you want to try some other group trainings first, sign up and we welcome you to SkyWellness.

Get ready for a new dimension of training, the maximum intensity and fast results.