On September 10 and 11th 2016,

group training are completely FREE!

Be fit.

Build self-confidence.

Be strong.

Be open for new experiences

Reveal yourself.

Accept the challenge!

Do it, join the challenge!

The entire weekend, on September 10th and 11th 2016, is dedicated to promote a new concept, new schedule, new trainings, new energy. Try all group trainings completely FREE.

You are not a member? No worries, group training sessions are FREE for all!

If you follow us on social networks or your friends are talking about us, you must be curious to take a peek! This is an ideal opportunity because during the OPEN WEEKEND the group training will be FREE.

Let us make great new energy together and share it with others.



This is a UNIQUE opportunity! MULTI GROUP 1 month package will be available 

for  just 29 €. This promotional price allows you  unlimited access to all the existing, new and upgraded group trainings, NEW LesMills GRIT program is included. All you need is to sign up and book your session. EXERCISE WITHOUT LIMITS means to train all you want, when you want and whichever group training you want. 

Group training OPEN WEEKEND schedule

SUBOTA 10. septembar

10:00  YOGA

10:30 GRIT LesMills

11:00 TBW+

11:00 WIC

12:00 Pilates

12:00 CX Worx LesMills

12:30 GRIT LesMills

13:00 Intensity

NEDELJA, 11. septembar

18:00 YOGA

18:00 GRIT LesMills

18:30 WIC

19:00 HOP

19:30 CX Worx LesMills

20:00 GRIT LesMills


LesMills SPRINT AND CX Worx!

Believe it or not, good looks, fit and energized body can be achieved through a shorter version. Only in  SkyWellness ONE PREMIERE and TWO NEW RELEASES!


– 30 minutes of high intensity interval training sessions will give unexpectedly fast and fabulous results. This training is carrying out on a steppers with some weights. Work on your agility, your ability to move quick and graceful. If you enjoy short, dynamic and challenging workouts, you will LOVE IT.

Join and share your impressions!


How to book your FREE training and/or apply for special offer

It is important to register online on our website starting with September 7th 2016. Registration link HERE. For more information regarding our promotions and new releases follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram profile.