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PIB: 106915103
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The fitness area is completely equipped with the world’s BEST fitness and cardio equipment. Unique in the region, the fitness area provides optimal conditioned space for comfortable training, wide range of selected equipment that make training more efficient, and the view on the riverS that takes your breath away! We set up a team od highly educated and motivated professionals for our members. If you need an advice, coaching, personal training or group exercises, workout programs or nutririon recommendation, SkyWellness is the club in the capital.

The General Conditions determine the conditions for the use of Wellnessland Club services (hereinafter referred to as the Club) for individuals and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the Club Member). The Club Member is also the Club Guest who uses the services provided by the Club, whether it is one-off or for a longer period.

The General Terms and Conditions are binding for the Club and the Club Member and apply to all their contractual relations. The contractual relations related to a specific membership in the Club are part of the completed Questionnaire on Membership and are presented in detail. The Club is obliged to make the General Terms and Conditions, the price list, as well as any changes made to them, publicly available on its Bulletin Board. The Club Member is then considered to be informed and agreed with the amendments. The Club is not obliged to provide the Club Member with further notifications as regards. The amendments are binding for the Club Member after being displayed on the Bulletin Board. Any person who commences the use of any of the services provided by the Club is deemed to agree with all the terms set out in the General Conditions of Membership, without the obligation to confirm this with his or her signature.



  1. Any individual older than eighteen years who signs a membership card and general conditions, and who pays the membership fee for the corresponding membership card may become the Club Member. An individual who is over 16 years old may also be the Club Member, if one of his or her parents signs the Membership Questionnaire and/or Contract, General Conditions and pays the membership fee on his or her behalf. The responsibility of the minor, in general, is the responsibility of the parent who signs the above mentioned documents.
  2. The individuals may also become the Members of the Club through a legal entity that employs them or pays for services regarding their membership and on their behalf, or through an entrepreneur who owns a registered store and/or an agency. The Club Member signs the Questionnaire and General Conditions and thus confirms that is also responsible for all obligations arising from this relation, in addition to the responsibility of the legal entity that made the payment of the membership fee or the entrepreneur.
  3. The price of the membership remains unchanged during the validity of the membership fee in case of an advance payment. In case of payment on installments, prices remain susceptible to changes and are associated with a rise in retail price growth.
  4. Regardless of whether it has been issued to a adult person, a minor, a legal entity or an entrepreneur, the Membership Card is issued in the name of the Member and to the individual as the Club Member for the validity period of the membership fee. Persons other than the person whose name is in the membership card may not use the membership card. At any time, the authorized persons of the Club can check the identity of the membership card holder on the basis of his or her personal documents. Any misuse of the membership card is the reason for termination of the membership due to the fault of the Club Member.
  5. The Questionnaire and the paid membership fee define the rights to use the Club services, as well as the schedule. The membership fee is determined on the starting date and the expiration date of the membership fee indicated in the Questionnaire.
  6. The use of Club membership cards does not include massages, facial and body treatments, physiotherapy services, solarium, personal trainings, other fitness services, as well as consuming beverages and purchasing products.
  7. Everything mentioned in the Article 6 is included in the additional services of the Club, which are separately charged at the central reception, according to the valid price list of the Club.
  8. Each membership card holder is responsible for complying with the Terms of Use of the Club, improper handling of the equipment in the Club and destruction of any equipment, devices and property of the Club. The parents of the juvenile membership card holders, who have signed the membership questionnaire for such members, are liable for damages and respecting the Rules of Use of the Club. The legal entities or entrepreneurs who have signed the contract for the Club Member are unlimitedly and jointly responsible as the payer’s guarantee. All remaining family members, individually, are liable unlimitedly and jointly as the payer’s guarantee for the Club Members who use the Family Membership. The Club Member who has introduced the guest to the Club is unlimitedly and jointly responsible for him or her as the payer’s guarantee.
  9. In case of violation of the contractual terms and violation of the Club’s Terms of Use, the Club has the right to issue a reasoned decision on the membership termination. The decision is made in writing and is submitted to the Club Member who has signed the membership questionnaire. The facts of the decision enter into force upon notification of the Member on the termination of the membership, verbally or in writing, on the Bulletin Board. In such a case, the paid membership fee won’t be returned to the Club Member.
  10. Each Club Member may cancel the Club membership whenever he or she wishes to. In such a case, the paid membership fee won’t be returned to the Club Member and can not be transferred to another person.
  11. The Club will put out certain services in the course of the year, due to regular maintenance or overhaul, for no longer than 3-5 days, which will not affect the prolongation of the membership fee. The Club reserves the right to be closed once a year due to the annual technical maintenance, but not longer than a month. The Club Management is obliged to provide the Club Members with the information as regards in advance and to extend the membership card to each Club Member in accordance with this period.
  12. By accepting the General Conditions, the Club Member agrees that the Club may collect, store and process his or her personal data (in order to charge the Club services, for marketing and research purposes and in order to improve the Club services) after the termination of the relations between the Club and the Club Member. The Club Member may give a revocation of his or her consent in writing.
  13. The Club Member is obliged to report the change of his or her personal data (surname, phone number, address, etc.) due to correct and timely notification of the Club Member about important information.
  14. 14. The Club is not responsible if the effect of force majeure or the behavior of other users affect the quality of the provided services. The Club Members have the right to file a complaint in writing during the membership fee. The Club is obliged to reply to it within 8 days from the date of submission of the complaint in writing.



  1. The regular working hours of the Club are clearly displayed at the entrance and on the Club Bulletin Board.
  2. The Club Members must leave the Club’s premises until its closure defined by the Club’s working hours. The Members whose membership fees imply limited terms of use must leave the Club according to the limits of their selected membership fees.
  3. The Club Member is obliged to register at the entrance, present his or her membership card to the Club host and duly register his or her visit at the central reception desk. The registration is obligatory for every guest of the Club and is possible only with the registration of the Club Member. The Club host checks the membership card and its validity date, and, if necessary, the identity of the Club Member on the basis of his or her personal documents. The Club Member is obligated to respect every request for checking the identity. In case the Member loses his or her membership card, he or she is obliged to make compensation according to the valid price list.
  4. The Club Member who uses a towel, a bathrobe, a skirt for the sauna, a locker key and/or a safe key is obliged to return and leave all the used items on the intended location before leaving the Club. In case of a loss of the used items, the Club Member is liable to compensate for the loss according to the valid price list before leaving the Club.
  5. The Club is not responsible for the theft of items, money and valuables of the Club Member, including the liability for damages to the Club Member possessions. The Club Members accept the obligation not to bring in particularly valuable things to the Club.
  6. All items that are found in the Club will be kept in the Club for 30 (thirty) days from the date of finding and signing them in the “Register of forgotten and left items”. The perishable items will be kept up to their expiry date.
  7. After the end of the individual use, the Club Member is obliged to take all of his belongings from the closet and the safe, and to transfer the keys to the Club’s reception and the Club host. The Club Members are forbidden to keep their belongings in the Club’s premises after leaving the Club.
  8. The cancellation of the requested service or its transfer to a third party that must be confirmed by the Club to a Club Member, no later than 12 hours prior to the scheduled service, throught the Clubs phone number or e-mail. Otherwise, the Club will charge the Member the requested service in full. All information regarding the cancellation of the scheduled services is registered at the reception of the Club.
  9. All services and products provided by the Club are paid exclusively at the central reception, in cash or by payment cards accepted by the Club, whose list is displayed at the reception. The payment of services and products can also be made by the Club Member via the account of a legal entity, as well as via his or her personal account. If it is determined that any service is paid directly to the Club’s employees, the Club will terminate membership with his or her fault.
  10. The entry into the fitness area is allowed only in sportswear and sports shoes. Before using any of the devices in the exercise fitness, the Club Member is obliged to place his or her towel on the exercise machine.
  11. The Club Member has the right to receive introductory instructions and explanations of the practice procedures for each of the facilities and capabilities in the Club, without the additional charge of such a service.
  12. The Club is not responsible for any injury or damage to health (including individual acute deterioration of the Club Member’s health condition) of any Club Member or Club User (including the guests brought by the Club Member in order to use the Club services in accordance with the Terms). Each Club Member or Guest is obliged to check his or her health and potential negative effects of any medicines that he or she uses before starting using the Club services and facilities. If he or she doesn’t check the health condition, or doesn’t accept the advice provided by the doctor, he or she acts solely on personal risk. The Club Members should not use the facilities and capacities in the Club unless they are sure that such use is harmless to them, and if the Club Members use them, they will do so solely on personal risk. By signing the questionnaire, the Club Member guarantees to the Club that his or her state of health allows him or her to use the Club services.
  13. After using the Club services, the Member is obliged to properly remove the used Club inventory to a suitable place.
  14. The group exercises are conducted according to the schedule displayed in the Club. The Club reserves the right to change the schedule and instructors who are in charge of the group exercises without explaining the reason for the changes. For some of the group exercises, it is necessary to apply in advance at the Club’s central reception, in accordance with the Terms displayed at the reception or on the Bulletin Board. The Club reserves the right to change the personal trainer, without explaining the reason for the change, and regardless of the number of personal trainings paid in advance.
  15. No weapons can be brought to the Club. No Club Member, even if he or she has a license to carry weapons, can bring weapons to the Club. No weapons are kept in the Club.
  16. The Club Members and Guests use the Club services in accordance with the public order rules, without harassing other Club members and visitors, and maintain cleanliness. Regarding the equipment and capacity in the Club, there is the rule of priority of the member who first started the use of the facility or capacity, until the occupancy limit that is foreseen for the facility or capacity.
  17. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms of the Club.
  18. The Club Members are prohibited from entering the official and technical premises of the Club.
  19. It is forbidden to enter the Club in case of drunkenness, the use of narcotics and any other impermissible condition which has a negative impact on the state of consciousness of the Club Member or guest.
  20. The persons with skin damage or skin disorders are forbidden to use the Club services. The Club employees may prohibit the use of the Club services to persons with skin damage and visible signs of skin diseases.
  21. It is forbidden to take pictures and make video clips in the Club.
  22. It is forbidden to bring any food and any kind of drinks into the Club.
  23. The Club has the right to revoke the membership rights of any Club Member and terminate the membership in case of the Terms of Use of the Club violatoion.